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In-home private training is tailored to your needs. Lessons are scheduled by the hour and cover your top priorities. Some of the top behaviors for private training include:

  • Resource guarding

  • Introducing a new dog to resident dog

  • Potty training difficulties

  • Children training the dogs



Positively Puppies is a 6 week class using positive reinforcement and clickers. Lessons include basic cues such as sit, down, and stand. Other topics include potty training, nipping and chewing, walking politely on a leash, greetings, socialization with non-family dogs and people, body handling, and a few fun tricks. Your puppy will also work on obtaining their AKC Star Puppy Certificate.

*Puppies must have had their first two rounds of shots by the second week of class.Your puppy will also work on obtaining their AKC Star Puppy!


Attentive Adults class is designed for puppies 7 to 9 months or older and adult dogs who need polishing to be that perfect side kick. This is a 6 week class that focuses on getting and keeping your dog's attention, coming when called, walking politely on a leash, greetings, calm sits, downs, stays, self control, and a few fun tricks. 


Mindful Manners continues the work we began in your foundation class and helps you work towards a polite side kick. Subjects include waiting calmly at the doorways, settling in public, refining loose leash walking, and solidifying stays.
*This class is for dogs who have gone through one of our foundation classes (SKDT 101 or SKDT 102).   


Agility 101: Human & Dog Foundations
In Agility 101 you and your dog will begin learning the foundational skills needed to perform agility. The Human skills focuses on delivery of treats in relation to position and performance of the dog. Your dog will continue to work on their stays as well as learn start-line stays, contacts, and rear end awareness.
**Prerequisite: SKDT 101, SKDT 102, or approval from a certified instructor.

Agility 201: Basic Handling, Jumps, & Tunnels
In Agility 201 you and your dog will begin to learn basic handling skills such as front and rear crosses, as well as working with jumps, tunnels, and the tire jump. You will continue working on start-line stays, recalls, as well as basic stays in new situations.
**Prerequisite: Agility 101 or approval from a certified instructor.

Agility 301: Handling Sequences
In Agility 301 you will continue to build on the skills learned on our Agility 101 and 201 classes. In this class we will focus heavily on handling sequences as well as additional skills for your dog. This will end with the use of mini courses that will address critical thinking and problem solving for you to move through the course in the most effective way.
**Prerequisite: Agility 101 and 201 or approval from a certified instructor.

AKC CANINE GOOD CITIZEN (call to schedule)

Side Kick offers training and testing for the following AKC programs.

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